“Bjorn Arenoe I came to know as an enthusiastic and passionate researcher who is extremely well versed in conjoint measurement. Even if the problem is complex, he knows how to arrive at a research solution that does justice to the marketing problem. He is also capable of providing a simple and clear argumentation of the chosen approach, as well as to the results of a conjoint measurement study and its implications, whether the audience is familiar with conjoint measurement or not. All in all, I can heartily recommend Bjorn Arenoe, he seeks to really favor his clients, which is combined with an extremely pleasant way of working”.

Ciska Glerum, Research Manager Consumers a.i., Nationale-Nederlanden (ING Insurance Services)

“We recently commissioned a conjunct measurement study from Bjorn Arenoe to find out what our tenants would be willing to pay for a number of specific home improvements. Although we had not previously worked with conjoint analysis, we were pleasantly surprised by the unique insights that this method can offer housing associations, especially in these times when a more market-oriented attitude is expected from us. The results will support in making the right investment decisions. Furthermore, Bjorn’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the whole process into a very positive and instructive experience”.

Ronald Luiten, Concern Advisor, Woonbron

“The Chamber of Commerce helps entrepreneurs in developing their business. This requires up-to-date knowledge of the needs of entrepreneurs. As an example we recently made an inventarisation of the needs and wishes of freelancers concerning flexible workspace using the conjoint analysis method. Bjorn Arenoe has helped us in the design and implementation of this study and the interpretation of the results. The collaboration with Bjorn we experienced as very pleasant and what we especially noticed was the enormous amount of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table, Bjorn knows how to bring across the possibilities of conjoint measurement well and clearly. Combined with his enthusiasm, he is an enjoyable relationship to work with”.

Rob van den Besselaar, Business Advisor, Chamber of Commerce

“Bjorn Arenoe conducted a conjoint analysis study for one of our products. The challenge was to “pull apart” the effects of various marketing tools (price, packaging, promotion activities, advertising, etc) on product sales so as to determine their individual effectiveness. The final solution was a research model that was fully customized to our product market and that allowed us to make unambiguous decisions concerning the implementation of our product strategy”.

Niels Kolthoff, Trade Marketer, Hero Netherlands

“In 2009 I had a store survey carried out to find out whether the decline in sales and customers was due to factors other than macro-economic ones. The conclusions from the research confirmed my suspicions and, consequently, I accelerated action. Among others, there was a step up in the training of staff and I had two new stores built to fulfil customer requirements on assortment size and store appearance. The research was worth the investment, it gave me direction for setting targets and eventually contributed to more sales”.

Mark Roffelsen, General Director, Praxis-Worebo

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